by Nicole Vögele
released 2018

by Daniel Zimmerman
released 2018

by Samara Grace Chadwick
released 2018

by Matthias Günter & Andy Herzog
released 2016

by Ramon & Silvan Zürcher
in postproduction

by Maurizius Staerkle Drux
in production

by Luka Popadic
in production

by Manuel von Stürler
in financing

by Anna Luif
in financing

by Frédérique de Montblanc
in production
minority coprod. with Savage Film (B)

by Lionel Rupp
in development

by Arne Kohlweyer
in development

by Aya Domenig
in development

by Malika Pellicioli
in development



by Daniel Zimmermann (CH 2018 / 106′)

In the forest of the Catholic Monastery of Admont in Austria, a fir tree is felled and processed into planks of wood. By train, truck, boat and finally by hand, the stack is transported to a mysterious destination right in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. The wooden planks’ trajectory corresponds to one of the central, raw materials trade routes, however in reversed direction of transport.

The film is a meditative and subtle comment on the absurdity of the economic rationale that underlies our globalised world. Each sequence of shots corresponds to a stage in the process. By means of thirteen 360-degree shots, the Swiss filmmaker Daniel Zimmermann clears a paradoxical pathway into the logic of globalised trade routes.

Coproduction with Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Special Jury Award Karlovy Vary Festival 2018 / Emerging Swiss Talent Award Zurich Film Festival                           Festivals: Sundance / Rotterdam / Solothurn / etc.

also available: WALDEN  – Ein Kunstprojekt (2018 / Doc TV 52′)
Broadcasted: SRF Sternstunde / 14.10.2018

Closing Time

by Nicole Vögele (CH 2018 / 116′)

Mr. Kuo and his wife Mrs. Lin cook for the city’s sleepless. They work all night and sleep during the day, like many others in buzzing Taipei. One morning, riding back from the market, Mr. Kuo takes a different exit on the highway and journeys to the sea.

CLOSING TIME is a cinematographic meditation on the in-between moments – a kaleidoscopic journey that relies on colours, sensations, animals, typhoons and a dark lilac sky – the materials of life. An attempt at capturing time, an exercise in seeing.

Coproduction with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Special Jury Award, Concorso Cineasti del presente, Festival Locarno 2018 / Festival Scope Award 2018           Festivals: IDFA / Art of the Real / RIDM / etc.

Cinema release Switzerland: Mars 2019, by Xenix Filmdistribution


1999 – Wish you were here

by Samara Grace Chadwick (CAN/CH 2018 / 90′)

Une cinéaste retourne dans sa ville natale pour découvrir les souvenirs d’une vague de suicides qui a secoué son lycée en 1999. Aucun de ses anciens camarades de classe n’en a parlé jusqu’à présent – bien que chacun d’entre eux ait gardé ses archives personnelles de l’époque. Leurs souvenirs révèlent une histoire beaucoup plus complexe et convaincante que ce à quoi elle s’attendait. 1999 est une invitation à traverser le silence du chagrin.

Minority coproduction with Parabola Films (CAN), NFB/ONF (CAN) and Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Compétition Vision du Réel 2018, Hot Docs 2018

Cinema release Switzerland: August 2018, by Xenix Filmdistribution (Link)

Typiquement suisse ?
Typisch Schweiz?
Tipicamente svizzero?

de Matthias Günther & Andy Herzog (CH 2016 / 2 x 52′)

Qu’est-ce qui est typiquement suisse ? Les mauvaises langues prétendent que le fait de poser inlassablement cette question est, justement, typiquement suisse. Dans la mini-série documentaire Typiquement suisse ?, trois reporters sillonnent le pays dans le cadre d’une mission cruciale : à l’aide de statistiques, ils veulent savoir ce que signifie être typiquement suisse. Ce documentaire en deux parties (2 x 52’) est une recherche empirico-ironique de la spécificité suisse.

Une commande de la Radio Télévision Suisse / en coproduction avec Lomotion Bern

Diffusion sur SRF, RTS, RSI, RSR 2016
Festival de Soleure 2017

In production / development:

Die grosse Übung

Ein Dokumentarfilm von Luka Popadić

DIE GROSSE ÜBUNG  gibt einen längst überfälligen cineastischen Einblick in die Realitäten des Zusammenlebens in Europa. Spannend, zeitgemäss – und menschlich.

Dreharbeiten 2018/19

Luka Popadić wurde 1980 in Baden geboren und wuchs dort auf. 2014 hat er die Filmregieausbildung  in Belgrad abgeschlossen. Als Regieassistent arbeitete er in Chicago und Berlin und als Offizier der Schweizer Armee nahm er an Einsätzen in Bosnien & Herzegowina teil. Seine Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme wurden an über 100 Festivals weltweit gezeigt und mehrfach ausgezeichnet.




A documentary by Manuel von Stürler

Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic. Rebels are instrumentalizing religion and pushing Christians and Muslims to kill each other. Together with Imam Kobine Lamaya, Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga implores the people not to succumb to the trap of this repetitive scenario. A film about an unusual duet that strikes realities not only in Africa.

Release 2020

Director of WINTER NOMADE, film presented at the Berlinale in 2012 and winner of many awards, (including the prize of the European Film Academy), Manuel von Stürler presented his latest film LUST FOR SIGHT / LA FUREUR DE VOIR at Visions du Réel 2017 in Nyon, at the festivals of Locarno, Belgrade, Sydney, New York etc.



Die Macht der Stille
The Power of Silence

 A documentary                                                                                                                              by Maurizius Staerkle Drux

In coproduction with Lichtblick GmbH (DE)
Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF/RTS)
Release 2020



The director Maurizius Staerkle Drux (CH/D) has graduated at the Zurich University of Arts. His debut film THE BÖHMS – ARCHITECTURE OF A FAMILY is presented in more than 30 countries, has won several awards and is one of the five most successful documentary films in Germany in 2015.

Das Mädchen und die Spinne
The Girl and the Spider

A fiction feature by Ramon & Silvan Zürcher (CH)

Lisa moves out. Mara is left behind. All sorts of commotion transpire: The mother flirts with a handyman. The dog constantly steals the cleaning sponges. A builder drills open a cracked pavement. And a girl documents the adventuresome day. As boxes are being moved, tile joints renewed and cupboards built, abysses begin to open up, yearnings fill the room and an emotional rollercoaster is set in motion… A tragicomic catastrophe film. A poetic ballad about change and transience. 

Coproduction with SRF
In postproduction / Release 2020

Ramon and Silvan Zürcher studied at DFFB Berlin. Ramons diploma feature film THE STRANGE LITTLE CAT / DAS MERKWÜRDIGE KÄTZCHEN premiered at Berlinale 2013, was screened at over 80 festivals and has received numerous awards.



Les histoires d’amour de Liv S.

A fiction feature by Anna Luif (CH)

Liv Sandor (40), following an argument with her boyfriend, sets off to wander the city, observing passers-by and reminiscing about her past loves. In all her relationships, there was always a turning point, when things started going downhill. LES HISTOIRES D’AMOUR DE LIV S. is about Liv’s tragic-comical trajectory and learning to love on life’s emotional rollercoasters.

Release 2021

Anna Luif (CH ) completed her film studies in Zurich. Her short film SUMMERTIME won more than 20 awards. She then directed the feature films LITTLE GIRL BLUE, released in cinemas in 2003 after a large festival success. 2010 followed MADLY IN LOVE.


Un documentaire de Malika Pellicioli (CH)

#LAHAINE2.0 part à la rencontre des haters sur internet qui sévissent depuis la Suisse. Qui sont ces commentateurs fielleux ? Comment en arrive-t-on à un tel déferlement ? Auraient-ils le courage d’assumer leurs propos face à leurs cibles?
En développement

Diplômée en communication visuelle de l’ECAL et après plusieurs court-métrages couronnés de succès, Malika Pellicioli s’intéresse aux auteurs des propos haineux plutôt qu’à leurs cibles. Si de nombreux sites se penchent déjà sur le phénomène, les reportages dans l’audiovisuel versent souvent dans le sensationnel. Son documentaire interroge les pratiques des différents medias en Suisse et, surtout, le film veut proposer une approche personnelle, cinématographique, sans a priori.


A fiction feature by Arne Kohlweyer (D/CH)

17-year-old Amish girl Hannah and her family cross the Ocean aboard the Queen Mary II. They plan to visit Switzerland (the origin country of their religion). Hannah is forced to confront her expelled older sister and make the choice of her life: staying with the rest of her family or live freely… 

In development

Arne Kohlweyer was born in 1981 in Wolgast (D). In 2008 he finished film directing at FAMU in Prague. He has made various short films, directed for German television and got nominated for the Grimme-Award.


A fiction feature by Lionel Rupp & Alexandre Montin (CH/F)

Granit is a professional football player in the second division in Switzerland. After an injury, his life takes a twist, as he accepts a job with Mr. Uzmanov, an investor who wants to lead the club into the elite. It turns out that Granit is actually much more talented in business than on the pitch.

In development

Lionel Rupp studied at the HEAD in Geneva. He co-directs the film HEIMATLAND (competition Locarno 2015) and directs the documantary A CAMPAIGN OF THEIR OWN (Visions du Réel, Karlovy Vary, Locarno).


Ein Dokumentarfilm von Aya Domenig (CH)

Das japanische Kabarettisten-Ehepaar Mako und Ken Oshidori haben sich seit der Atomkatastrophe von Fukushima dem investigativen Journalismus verschieben. Mit Schlagfertigkeit, Humor, Menschenkenntnis und gut recherchierten Fakten versuchen sie dem grossen Schweigen über die Folgen der Atomkatastrophe entgegenzuwirken. Dabei setzen sie einiges aufs Spiel.

In Entwicklung

Aya Domenig schloss ihr Studium in Filmwissenschaften, Ethnologie und Japanologie an der Universität Zürich ab. Ihr Dokumentarfilm ALS DIE SONNE VOM HIMMEL FIEL lief weltweit an vielen Festivals und wurde 2016 mit dem Schweizer Filmpreis für « Beste Filmmusik » ausgezeichnet. 

Dragon Women

Un documentaire de Frédérique de Montblanc (B)

Encore stigmatisées comme des « dragon women », les femmes gravitant dans les hautes sphères de la finance sont en infime minorité. Tourné à New-York, Londres, Genève et Paris, ce documentaire dresse une série de portraits intimistes de dirigeantes du milieu de la banque d’investissement, âgées de 26 à 58 ans. Filmées au travail, chez elles et durant leurs loisirs, elles nous montreront la face cachée du pouvoir, leurs mécanismes de survie et les stratagèmes dont elles usent pour se frayer un chemin dans l’un des secteurs les plus compétitifs qui soient.

En coproduction minoritaire avec Savage Film (B) et Radio Télévision Suisse

En production

Frédérique de Montblanc est née à Bruxelles et a étudié à l’Université Concordia à Montréal (BFA) puis à CalArts à Los Angeles (MFA). Son court métrage MALTA KANO, TX, créé avec le chorégraphe Dominic Walsh, a été présenté en première au Festival du court métrage de Bruxelles en 2015 ainsi qu’au Festival Tous Courts (Aix-en-Provence) et au Dancescreen Festival (Londres).

logo beauvoir

Beauvoir Films was founded in 2016 in Geneva. The company produces author-driven documentary and fiction features for festival and theatrical releases as well as TV. We work with directors who have a distinct visual narrative approach and strive to push the boundaries of storytelling in compelling and creative ways.

Beauvoir Films
28, Rue de Montbrillant
CH-1201 Genève

Aline Schmid (Producer)

After graduating from the University of Freiburg, Aline Schmid studied scriptwriting in Stuttgart. With Intermezzo Films she has produced several creative documentaries and fiction features, such as SONITA (Sundance / IDFA), BROKEN LAND (Locarno / Rotterdam), CANTOS (Dok.Munich /Mostra Sao Paulo) and HORIZONTES (KVIFF). She participated in the programs Emerging Producer (Jihlava 2013) and Producer on the Move (Cannes 2015) and was invited as a jury member to Karlovy Vary and Locarno Film Festival in 2019.

Adrian Blaser (Producer)

Adrian Blaser works for international cinema and television projects since 2001. In 2007, he produces at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. Having collaborated on numerous films by the founders of Bande à part Films in Lausanne (Ursula Meier, Lionel Baier, Jean-Stéphane Bron, Frédéric Mermoud), he becomes their executive producer in 2011 (THE BLOCHER EXPERIENCE, MOKA, THE PARIS OPERA). He joins Beauvoir in 2017.

Tine Mudri (Office administrator)

Tine Mudri graduated from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2010 with a BA in Community Development. Since 2002 she has gained a large experience in cultural and event management and has realized various events and community projects. She is part of Beauvoir Films since 2019.